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Shine Academy Education Center

Shine Academy Educational Center (SAEC) seeks to empower orphan and vulnerable children through education. This will enable them to lead a productive life while contributing to the economic and social development of their community. SAEC seeks to expand, to serve more parents (mostly single moms) who don’t have the means to educate their children. Kibera has a complexity of social gaps and challenges that can easily damage the lives of otherwise promising children unless they are well guided.


At SAEC, we believe that education is the key to success. We exist to respond to the increasing and various challenges facing many families in Kibera. Our goal is to accommodate more students as the rate of poverty increases each year. With your support combined with our effort will reward many struggling families. Historically, the vulnerable and orphaned have been tragically ignored and unless a program comes on board to offer help, their plight will continue to worsen.


As Background – Many orphan children that do not attend school become domestic workers who seek to do menial jobs to feed themselves which increases incidences of poverty, diseases and even crime. The stigma of illiteracy continues to affect them all their life rendering them virtually unproductive given their self-esteem is badly affected.

What’s Next – SAEC seeks to expand our resources to rescue more children from illiteracy, ignorance, humiliation, rejection and other vulnerabilities. We will continue to offer free education and meals to children to help keep them motivated to acquire education.


Kibera — There is an estimated population of 300-500k people who earn $1-2 a day from menial jobs. The poverty level or those living below the poverty line is estimated at 90%. There are many orphan children due to the parents having died from HIV. Uneducated orphan children are emotionally and sexually abused that most often lead to early pregnancy.

Help is Here — SAEC is one of the very few schools that offer free education to orphan children as most avoid going to school because they do not have adequate food at home. SAEC has the educational structure and platform to ensure their dreams can be made into reality! Please consider making a donation or connecting with us to learn how you can help in other ways. Thank you!

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